AABC Asean Traveler contest!
Selfie Expert at Hatyai Munisipal Park
"I am the best candidate to be AirAsia Asean Traveller’s Selfie Expert because Traveling around the world and making selfies near tourist destinations can create 10 advantages: 

  1. Meaningful relationships, 
  2. It will develop skills you didn’t know you had, 
  3. It open my eyes,
  4. Learn who I am,
  5. Learn new languages,
  6. Gives me adventure,
  7. To do something new, 
  8. I will eat food like I never have,
  9. To prove to myself I can,
  10. My dreams come true and here’s the list of activities I will do as a Selfie Expert with the AirAsia Asean Pass" airasia.com/AseanPass
Selfie Expert at Hatyai Thailand
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  1. Part 1 : Check in V.L Hatyai Hotel
  2. Part 2 : Pengalaman pertama kali menaiki Tuk Tuk Taxi Hatyai
  3. Part 3 : Makanan Halal di Hatyai
  4. Part 4 : Hatyai Night Market
  5. Part 5 : Tempat Menarik di Hatyai Municipal Park dan IceDome
  6. Part 6 : Seronoknya Bercuti di Pantai Samila Songkhla Hatyai
  7. Part 7 : Chang Puak Camp Bagi Makan Gajah di Songkhla
  8. Part 8 : Syurga Makanan di Floating Market di Klonghae Hatyai
  9. Part 9 : Jambatan Terpanjang di Hatyai dan Aquarium Hatyai
  10. Part 10 : Central Festival Hatyai Paling Gah
  11. Part 11: Borong Seluar Jeans Murah di Pasar Hatyai
  12. Part 12 : Breakfast Terakhir di Hotel V.L Hatyai dan Berlepas Balik KL
Selfie Expert at
Floating Market Hatyai

My Video Selfie Expert 
#AABC Asean Traveler contest!

Peace from AABC Traveler Selfie Expert!
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