If you’re male — and especially over the age of 40 — you’ve likely been targeted by Google or Facebook ads for something like ‘MALE XXXXXL’ characterized by black and red bottles, often with a bodybuilder’s chiseled abs on the front.

For these reasons and more, Tongkat Ali (also called Longjack) has become one of the world’s most infamous herbs. Supposedly able to support a myriad of male-related challenges, it claims to be some sort of male panacea.

But how do we tell the facts apart from the fiction? And how is this related to NUVITON? The truth about the efficacy of this sacred plant & supplement might surprise you.

What is Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali, or Eurycoma longifolia, is an evergreen shrub often found in South East Asia. The roots of Eurycoma longifolia are considered the most bioactive part of the plant. 

When ingested, the compounds in these herbs are thought to support male libido and increase testosterone levels.

In Malay, Tongkat Ali translates to ‘Ali’s Walking Stick’. Anecdotal evidence in countries such as Malaysia has shown that a preparation of Tongkat Ali extract may enhance physical strength and endurance — much like a walking stick improves your core and leg strength when hiking, hence the name. 

It also goes by the name Malaysian Ginseng since the reported effects are similar to Siberian ginseng — an adaptogen.

How Does Tongkat Ali Boot Testosterone and Increase Energy?

Quassinoids are the main bioactive compound in Eurycoma longifolia’s roots. The most potent of these are Eurycomanone, which is heavily sought after for their supposed strength and testosterone-boosting effects.

Because most individuals are interested in the modern day benefits that are heavily marketed (and not the folk medicine uses), we will explore Tongkat Ali’s health benefits through its Eurycomanone effects.

Here are the expected benefits:

promote normal testosterone levels & synthesis

promote male fertility

promote higher energy levels, strength, & performance

promote a positive mood & healthy stress levels

promote bone density & health

Why is NUVITON the best Men Supplement Formula?

Having your Testosterone levels higher will help give you the energy you need to work off. And what better place to work off all that pent-up energy than at the gym? That’s what you’ll get when you start using  NUVITON.

That’s not all you’re gonna get when you start using the NUVITON Testosterone Booster. 

You will also see your strength increase just a little bit. You have all that extra energy which translates to more strength, which in turn means your gains will be a lot better since you can lift more.

And with all that strength and energy comes a renewed sense of focus. You can have all that energy in your life but if you can’t focus, you will be out of luck. 

That’s all because Nuviton ingredients are harvested in Malaysian rainforests, freeze-dried, and curated by the great folks at NUVITON to give you the boost you need.

Having the NUVITON in your life is gonna be great. Your trips to the gym will be better than ever. And it’s all thanks to this clean and natural product that doesn’t cost all that much.

So pick up a bottle now and get your Testosterone levels up to the point where you have no choice but to burn off that energy at the gym.

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