The online shopping scene is changing every day. New stores are popping up in hundreds and it is difficult to cope up with all products and deals that these online stores are offering. It is difficult to research and compare products before you buy online. You definitely want to buy at rates which suits your budget and not pay more. Couponbelanja, a coupon site in Malaysia, works to solve your problem. It scourges through the web, curates all the exciting deals for different product categories and lists it out for you.

There are many offers that are added to our site everyday. If you are looking for the best selling vouchers or if you want an expert to suggest a deal for you, CouponBelanja is the right site to be in. From the many offers that are listed, here are the tips to find the best deals.

1.  Best deal in a store

You have your favourite store, say PoplookMalaysia, and you want to buy from Poplook, the best available deal. You visit CouponBelanja. Search for your store and see the list of offers at Poplook. The icon or the seal of Best Deal against the offer, shows the offer is too good to miss. Click on the deal, land on the page where the deal is offered, Use the code and buy the product at less price.

                                    Best Deal at Poplook Malaysia

2.  Popular offers

These offers are available in our home page. They are offers that have been liked by our users and more and more are using the coupon code to buy the product. Why should you be not one of them? So we highlight these deals in this section.
Access the offers and save money while you buy the product.

3.  Featured Coupons

Featured coupons are offers that are handpicked by our experts. There are some exclusive offers which can only be found in CouponBelanja.  Browse through these offers and grab them right away. You would get the latest products at affordable price.

4.  Signup for the Newsletter

If you are busy to visit CouponBelanja regularly, and at the same time do not want to miss those exciting offers, signup for our Newsletter. It is at the top right corner of the screen. We will deliver the best deals and vouchers for the week right into your Inbox. Open up to the world of offers for major online stores in Malaysia.

          Signup for the newletter                        

5.  The Banner

The banner highlights the good deals. We can see the deal from Bello2 Malaysia here. Deal of the Day highlights the best deal of the day.

6.  Check our Blog

Our blog gives you tips to save when shopping online in Malaysia. You would learn well ahead about major sale events. You would also learn ways to save in different stores at CouponBelanja. We regularly feature newly added stores and the unique products and services that they offer.

                                    Couponbelanja Blog

7.  Check Facebook and Twitter.

We post ‘Deals of the Day’ on our facebook and twitter page. You can subscribe to our facebook page and get to know hot deals valid today. Sometimes we post twice a day when we have more than one offer that you should take notice of.

So what are you waiting for. Go ahead and visit CouponBelanja. Let us work for you so that you can save everytime you buy online in Malaysia.

Website: CouponBelanja


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