Selamat Hari Jumaat to all beloved geng bloggers :)
You all fine? 
I'm fine...alhamdulilahhh...

Would like to present my 2nd generation Photobook Project Runaway for my tiny little baby Qaiser ilman....Syukran, dah sent to them to printing...myb delivery will be get at 22 Mac 2013....oh luv it very much! second cover photo book...
Click here: View my fully Second Photobook :)
(pastikan arahkan mouse anda ke photobook Qaiser utk selak helaian demi helaian)

What's your feeling when view my 2nd photobook? Awesome right? I made it 100% of my creative idea...its mommyyyy idea hahhaha :p

So how's the price?
So cheap than my first photobook...RM60 just i use my second husband account to made this....hahhaha

This is was my 1st photobook Jan 2013...totally different design with my 2nd photobook! 
Luv so much! 
Lets make your own now...
Click here now before its to late...

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  1. best kan sebab murah..
    i pn tgh plan utk 2nd book ni..hehe

  2. assalamualaikum ... murah dan cantik

  3. kalau dah murah camni..boleh buat selalu..

    dahlah murah cantik plk tuh..

  4. Ok ju. Jom kita roger roger kalau nak kuar dating. Akk dah lama tak pegi jjwm tu. hr tu rs nak bw danial pi sn pulak.

    Ju akk dah x de bb. Photobook tu sgt cantik. Klw tahu dulu2 leh buat utk ank no 1,2 dan 3.

  5. Ju duduk mana. Akk kat sri gombak je.

  6. ju,rara nk buat.xbuat2 ag.pixjoi ni xsuka rara lah,nk byr xboleh2.

  7. nak jugak nak jugakk .... sgt comel ^^


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